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What is the Best Type of Metal for a Wedding Band?

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When it comes time to choose your wedding band, the ultimate goal is to pick something you’ll love for a lifetime, something representative of your lifelong commitment to your spouse. The precious metal you choose is the primary foundation of your wedding band, whether you choose to add a generous number of gems or plan to keep it simple. It sets the stage for the overall look of the band and can also factor into the way the jewelry wears and the maintenance it requires.

Here are the most popular precious metal options for both men and women.


Platinum is a highly durable metal and is categorized as the most durable metal utilized in jewelry making. For this reason, it is often considered the best metal for men’s wedding bands, especially for grooms looking for something that can withstand some wear and tear. It has a silver color and attractive sheen but does require a skilled jeweler to craft and handle it correctly.


Gold is a very versatile precious metal that comes in a variety of colors, which are created by mixing pure gold with varying high-quality metals. A significant benefit to all gold is that it does not tarnish, corrode or rust. The blending process is important in strengthening the typically malleable precious metal to endure everyday wear. There are three primary types of gold:

  • Yellow Gold – Classic, vibrant and timeless, yellow gold has been a popular option for centuries.
  • White Gold – White gold is a silver-toned precious metal that’s durable, but it does require a certain level of maintenance due to its rhodium plating.
  • Rose Gold – The beautifully feminine pink tone of rose gold has become increasingly popular, especially in contemporary ring styles.

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