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Available Stones & Styles


The Dominion Jewel

Diamond Cigar Band


The Dominion Jewel



The Dominion Jewel

Pink Sapphire Ring


The Dominion Jewel

Checkerboard Diamond & Sapphire Band


The Dominion Jewel

Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond Ring


The Dominion Jewel

Rose & White Gold Halo Ring


The Dominion Jewel

Pears on Pears


The Dominion Jewel

Yellow Diamond Double Halo


The Dominion Jewel

Round Diamond Halo


The Dominion Jewel

Classic Oval & Baguette


The Dominion Jewel

Sapphire with Half Moons


The Dominion Jewel

Cabochon Amethyst


The Dominion Jewel

Three-Stone Princess Cut Ring


The Dominion Jewel

Rubalite Halo


The Dominion Jewel

Yellow Gold with Yellow Diamond Halo


The Dominion Jewel

Rosa & White Flower Ring

Available Gemstones & Styles


The Dominion Jewel

Cabochon Amethyst, Ruby & Diamond


The Dominion Jewel

Citrine Garnet Earrings


The Dominion Jewel

Feather Drop Earings


The Dominion Jewel

South Sea Pearl


The Dominion Jewel

Sliced Emerald & Diamond Drops


The Dominion Jewel

Rough Cut Diamond Chandelier


The Dominion Jewel

Sapphire & Diamond Halo


The Dominion Jewel

Multi Shape Yellow Diamond Drops


The Dominion Jewel

Touquise & Diamond Earrings


The Dominion Jewel

Rose De France Diamond Earings


The Dominion Jewel

Pink Tourmaline Drops


The Dominion Jewel

Rubalite & Diamond Earrings

Available Stones & Styles


The Dominion Jewel

Diamond Crossover Bangle


The Dominion Jewel

Pave Marquis Milgrain Bangle


The Dominion Jewel

Diamond Masquerade Bangle


The Dominion Jewel

Two-Tone Diamond Wave Cuff


The Dominion Jewel

Rose Gold Modern Vintage Bangle


The Dominion Jewel

Gold Circles Cuff

Available Stones & Styles


The Dominion Jewel

Diamond Circle Pendant


The Dominion Jewel

Double South Sea Pearl Lariat


The Dominion Jewel

Floating Diamond Halo Pendant


The Dominion Jewel

Amethyst Bow Pendant


The Dominion Jewel

Multicolor Tourmaline Lariat


The Dominion Jewel

Fancy Yellow Linear Diamond Pendant


The Dominion Jewel

Faceted Green Agate Slice Pendant


The Dominion Jewel

Two-Tone Diamond Medallion


The Dominion Jewel

Quatrefoil Morganite Pendant


About our jewelers

Diamond Lace Necklace

Dazzling Designs

If you are searching for a jewelry store in Virginia that can help you stand out from the crowd, consider a jeweler with a collection that includes unique and custom jewelry to suit your tastes. Whether you are shopping for yourself or for that special someone, the search for the perfect piece of jewelry is an exciting experience. When you find a piece you know will be treasured, the satisfaction is unmatched. That is why it's important to work with a jeweler that can help you narrow down your choices, stay within your budget, and work within your personal style. Shopping can lead you to a variety of jewelry specialists, but the goal should be to find one that provides quality, authentic pieces in whatever category you choose.

Gemstone Earrings For Your Collection

If you are a fan of the traditional but want a twist of a unique design, the selection of earrings in your jeweler's collection jewelry section has something to amaze you. Diamonds, pearls, and sapphires in chandelier or teardrops play on classic femininity. While fans of uniquely colored pieces will love the option for citrine garnets, amethysts, emeralds, turquoise or pink tourmaline earrings to add to the collection. Designs vary from halo to teardrop with some stunning designs such as feathered or art deco looks, so the collection accessories of earrings have something for everyone.

Beautiful Bracelet Designs

Adding a bracelet can be the key to completing your look, whether your piece is intended to bring everything together or serve as a statement item. Collection accessories and custom jewelry bracelets come in different finishes and styles. Authentic gold pieces are classic and can be fitted into a bangle or cuff bracelet. Rose gold options add a modern flair. Although a beautifully designed bracelet can stand on its own, for the customer that wants added sparkle, the addition of diamonds can take a high-quality piece to the next level.

Rings That Stand Out From the Crowd

Whether you are searching for a ring that you can admire with everyday wear or a high-quality and authentic cocktail, special occasion ring, finding one that catches your eye and fits your personal style can be a challenge. When consulting with your jeweler, discuss the gemstone preference, such as a diamond or other precious stone, and the desired metal of the setting. From this starting place, the jeweler may be able to narrow down your options. Alternatively, look through the jeweler's available collection jewelry to see if something catches your eye. You may surprise yourself with the type of ring that appeals to you.

  • Cigar bands
  • Cable bands
  • Traditional three stone rings
  • Rings with halo settings
  • Solitaire with a diamond or other precious stone

Unique Necklace Options

An eye-catching pendant or medallion is the perfect way to set off an outfit for a special occasion, so choosing a necklace or having one designed from a custom jewelry collection can help you realize your vision. The shape of a pendant or lariat can vary from a circle to a quatrefoil and contain small or large gemstones or diamonds depending on your ideal piece. You can choose a beautiful diamond halo or go full showstopper in diamond lace necklace.

Choose Your Perfect Jewelry Piece

If you are looking for the next piece in your collection or searching for a gift for a loved one, the selection of collection jewelry at Dominion Jewelers awaits you. The quality and designs of their unique pieces are unsurpassed, making Dominion the ideal jewelry store in Virginia for customers who want to experience the luxurious feel of custom jewelry. Contact us today to view the current selection or ask any questions about the pieces in their collection accessories.

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