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The Rocks That Rocked New York Fashion Week

As expected, New York Fashion Week was a massive success. Designers and models rocked over-the-top outfits as they expressed their creativity and imagination on the runway. From the outrageously bold to upscale designs, one thing was evident frm this year’s New York Fashion Week; the value of jewelry in fashion should not be downplayed.

For the first time in a very long time, designers and the models paid more attention to the jewelry. The custom jewelry styles and themes on display by the key players in New York fashion were very bold and judiciously apt. So, what were some of the standout custom jewelry trends from the 2017 New York Fashion Week? How can you, a trend-conscious person, adopt these styles and make them your own? Here is a look at the 3 hottest custom jewelry trends from NYFW that you can adopt to take your style to the next level.

Hand Bracelets

A prominent feature in this year’s NYFW Bridal Show were the beautiful custom hand bracelets that models rocked down the runway. There was a myriad of custom diamond and brass hand bracelets which all seemed to trace the femininity of the models’ arms resulting in excellent accentuation of the pieces.

Bracelets have been around for some time now but you can spice things up by elongating the lines of bracelets to connect with customized or engraved rings for a unique look.


Pearls have always been considered the perfect ‘cherry on top’ accessory as they help complete one’s look. During NYFW, there was an emerging trend of designers using bigger and more conspicuous pearls engulfed in transparent cages and others mounted on subtle tribal rings.

Neo pearls are definitely going to be a fashion hit. If you want to stay ahead of the masses, take up this new trend and customize the look to suit your lifestyle. You can mix and match the pearl colors or use diamond rings to hold the pearls together.

Oversized Hoops

Arguably the hottest custom diamond jewelry trend during NYFW was the oversized hoops. Models rocked oversized custom diamonds and hoops, which were either stretched or doubled-up. The hoops are very appealing to the eye and are perfect for almost any outfit.

Break the monotony. Double up your custom diamond rings or get them stretched and then customized to your desired proportion.

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