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The Holiday Proposal : Perfecting a Moment in Time

Updated August 29th, 2019

As temperatures drop, leaves begin to change, and the days of summer fade away, there is a certain nostalgia that settles in anticipation of the holiday season.  According to Modern Bride Magazine, nearly 30% of all marriage proposals occur in the months of November and December. Further independent research suggests that Christmas Eve is actually the most popular day of the year for engagements. It’s no wonder that the magic of the holidays, with the gathering of family and friends and time-honored traditions, helps set the perfect scene for an engagement story to remember. So, where do you begin?

Looking for the Perfect Engagement Ring

Getting a gauge of what she wants is the first piece of the puzzle. Doing a little shopping together to try different styles is a great way to start. If you’re a little more traditional and want to skip that expedition, there are many ways to get a feel for her style. Take note of her current jewelry for inspiration. Is she a little more classic or understated? Does she prefer a statement? Look at the lines and size of her current pieces (whether costume jewelry or not), to get a feel for her taste. Pinterest is another great resource, as many will “pin” rings that they admire over time. If you’re comfortable sharing your intentions with close family or friends, you can often benefit from a bit of insider information!

Find the Right Stone

Once you’ve got the information you need to create the engagement ring, aim to get ahead of the curve and allow yourself some time to look at stones, discuss ideas and options with a professional, and start the design process.  You may also have the opportunity to put your own special touches on the ring during this time. Having as much information on ring preferences, as well as allowing yourself 3 to 4 weeks to plot the ring will make the process much less overwhelming and enjoyable.

Planning for the Moment

Equally important as the ring, the symbol of your love and commitment, is creating a plan for the special moment. There are a few important things to consider….

Should you plan a private, more intimate proposal? Or would a public venue with a crowd be a more appropriate scene? Do you have an alternative option in the event that your original falls through? How will you document the magic?

Consider coordinating with family and friends. Will there be an opportunity over the holidays for special guests from out of town to be present? Leaning on others to keep the surprise, help with logistics to arrange a romantic backdrop, or capture the images or videos is meaningful, without any added expense. Alternatively, if you’re finding yourself at a loss for the perfect holiday proposal, think about hiring a proposal planner to do the work for you.

Creating the Moment

Finally, think about the sentiment that you want to express in the moment. Whether you go into the proposal with a prepared speech or want to let the ring do most of the talking, rehearsing ahead of time will be another way to reduce stress and boost confidence.

Now, pop the question! The origins of the engagement ring are as rich and varied as the holidays of different cultures and religions. With the help of that holiday joy, and the presentation of a beautiful, personalized ring, you’ll create an unforgettable moment in time that is all your own.

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