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The Best Places to Propose in Washington D.C.

Now that you’ve found the perfect partner and you’re ready to take the first step toward forever, you’ve probably realized that the proposal is very important. A marriage proposal is one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life and is the ultimate demonstration of true love. As you plan your proposal, you should consider all of the factors that will combine to make it a magical experience for your future spouse. Think about what you will say, how you will time it, and where it will happen.

As you consider your location options, don’t forget to think about your partner’s personality. If your future spouse is a nature-lover, many of the most beautiful places in D.C. are overflowing with the beauty of nature. Or perhaps the one you love has a favorite memorial that happens to be one of the most romantic places in Washington. Keep them in mind as you make your plans, because your ultimate goal should be to make his or her proposal dreams come true.

Here is a short list of the top places to propose in the Washington, D.C. area to help you begin planning your big moment.

The Tidal Basin

Pink cherry blossoms border the sparkling waters of the Tidal Basin and iconic monuments sprinkle the horizon, making this one of the most romantic spots in D.C.

The Iconic LOVE Sculpture

Let the art do some of the talking for you with a giant LOVE sculpture that will set the stage for when you get down on one knee.

Rock Creek Park

Take a stroll through one of the top romantic places in D.C., the beautiful Rock Creek Park. Stage your proposal under one of the giant trees for a memorable moment.

The National Gallery of Art

For art lovers, nothing beats a proposal in front of a favorite work of art. Choose a meaningful spot in the gallery to pop the question, perhaps in front of a meaningful painting or sculpture.

Once you choose your location, the final task is finding the perfect ring. A symbol of your love and commitment, an engagement ring should be something that will spark wonder in the eyes of your partner. He or she will be wearing their wedding rings for the rest of their life, and choosing something they truly love will make the moment even more memorable.

Find a trusted jeweler, like D.C.’s Dominion Jewelers, and take your time finding the perfect match. Contact us to plan your visit, and our team can help you choose from our gorgeous selection and pick the ring that will be the perfect start to your beautiful forever.