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Same Sex Custom Jewelry and Wedding Rings


At Dominion Jewelers, our knowledgeable design staff has worked with many same sex couples and will offer a variety of options for you and your partner for designs that are not only beautiful and finely crafted, but yours alone.

Whether you desire two engagement rings, two wedding bands, or any combination thereof, we can help you create engagement and wedding jewelry that recognizes your individual style and a complementary design for your partner that uniquely identifies you as a couple.

For example, we recently worked with Karen and Lisa, who wanted completely different rings in terms of type and style, but they desired a common element that unified them. Lisa loved blue, and wanted a blue center diamond rather than the popular white. She also wanted a princess cut stone as opposed to the more traditional round brilliant diamond. Her fiancee wanted only a band, as her career and lifestyle precluded her from wearing anything but a wedding band. The solution was to create a low profile band and set a row of tiny blue princess cut diamonds in the center. The design connection was evident, and each woman got the exact style that suited her.

Another couple, Mark and David, wanted custom wedding rings with a unifying design. But Mark wanted yellow gold as it better suited his skin tone, and David wanted white gold for the same reason. The solution was to create complementary two-tone bands, with a raised white gold motif in the center of Mark’s yellow gold ring, and an identical design for David with the metals reversed. They were clearly a pair, but they didn’t match exactly.

Our jewelers can create rings with a unifying concept and individualize them by mixing metals, textures, and design elements. With our expertise in precious metals such as yellow, rose and white gold as well as platinum, and less traditional gemstones such as ruby and sapphire as well as diamond, the possibilities are endless.